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This project started in January 2019. The project involves two monthly Gatherings: A Daytime Gathering and an Evening Gathering.

The Daytime participant will choose, over the year from the book: “Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts by Judy Martin (2013) Crosley-Griffith Publishing Company, Inc and the Evening participant will choose quilt patterns selected from: “modern neutrals, A fresh look at Neutral Quilt Patterns” by Amy Ellis.

We will be updating this BLOG once in awhile – and, as our Gathering projects have a short-lives (for now: Through the calendar year 2019), perhaps this BLOG helps us all interact.

We look forward to hearing from you and to your joining us in the Gatherings once a month at Bernina World of Sewing in Raleigh.

To participate, it is intended that you have purchased at Bernina World of Sewing the book involved with this project and, as well, the fabric for the projects used during this Gathering was purchased at Bernina World of Sewing.

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  1. Webmaster says:

    January, 2019
    Hello – (From the Webmaster)
    We have started this Weblog with the intent of providing the Gathering participants with a “sounding board” for their use.

    Please remember that all Weblog entries are audited by me – however, this Weblog is NOT monitored by the store’s staff. Any technical questions, etc. are not meant for store’s-staff members: The Gathering is not a class – and, this Weblog is not a place to ask store staff questions!

    Normally, you would start a “Reply” thread using the “Leave a Reply” box at the bottom of this Web page. Alternatively, you just click on the Reply button at the bottom of some existing entry.

    Some reminders:
    – To place a photo related to your efforts worked-on for the Gathering project, just send an eMail to me with the picture attached/included. I will figure out where you intend the photo for your particular Comment.
    – Contact me by eMail if you have any problems / concerns with ANYTHING related to the Weblog. Thank you.

    I wish you a GREAT 2019.

    Good luck with your projects and
    David – Webmaster at Bernina World of Sewing

  2. Sonja says:

    January, 2019 and Throughout 2019

    Hi, everyone!

    I am glad that you found the BLOG. To make this work, it would be great if once in awhile you make a comment here or send in a photo for the BLOG. This way, we will all be “kept up” with each other’s progress – and problems/successes!

    Both the Daytime and the Evening Gatherings will last throughout the calendar year 2019.

    The Daytime Gathering participant will select quilts from the book: “Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts” by Judy Martin (2013) Crosley-Griffith Publishing Company, Inc and the Evening Gaherers will choose quilt patterns selected from: “modern neutrals, A fresh look at Neutral Quilt Patterns” by Amy Ellis.

    To participate in this Gathering, you must be signed up at the store (Bernina World of Sewing). Space is limited!

    We will have the Evening Gathering on the second Monday evening of each month and the Daytime Gathering on the third Tuesday morning of each month through the end of the 2019.

    I wish you some exciting / enjoyable sewing time and projects during the year!


    (Click on a particular month’s event’s collage, below, to see some of the images in clickable, larger-sized images)

    December 2019

    Some 2020-Look-Ahead, Some Great Snacks, Some 2019 Completed Work. Thank you for your hard-work, success and teamwork in 2019. It was a fun/sharing year. Well done. Have a good start to 2020 – Time flies!



    November 2019

    Full-groups and good meetings while also welcoming a new member! Discussions, “Show and Tell” and we look forward to 2020 and its challenges.

    A very important decision was made: We will all bring snacks and finger-food for our last meetings (December) 2019!



    October 2019

    Thank you for your hard-working / productive sessions. We settled on Log Cabin as a theme for 2020 for the Evening Gathering and a BOM-theme for the Daytime Gathering. I look forward to them both.


    (Mostly a Discussion Session in October, Daytime)

    September 2019

    Busy / productive sessions with different-stages of our 2019 projects in-place. What a treat, to see your hard work resulting in great pieces. Just three sessions remain in 2019; amazing how quickly time goes by. Discussions took place about 2020 projects: We make final decisions-about such in October.



    August 2019

    Thank you all for participating in the Birthday celebration of/with Nancy. Well done! We also had a very productive evening project-wise; it is great to see how the pieces are coming along. Thank you all for your work – and, for sharing some Extra Work. Projects are definitely moving along at a “quick pace” heading into the latter part of 2019.



    July 2019

    Thank you, Nancy for handling the July 2019 Evening Gathering — and, to the participants! Nancy reports: We had a great time sewing.  Two beautiful pieces were brought/shown – A finished quilt top with orange and yellow mums and a finished quilt with the koy fish backing. 

    See you all in August!



    Another fine work-day with all “attacking” the objectives of our projects. Well done.

    June 2019

    Work is moving in a Design Wall direction – at home and during the Gatherings. It is terrific to see your progress.



    May 2019

    What busy / productive sessions. Work, Discussions-about, Some Extra Work! We are nearly ready for Summer! Everyone has had a busy Spring – quilting and otherwise. I wish you all a good Summer.



    April 2019

    Some finished work and more in-progress successes, as well. Looking great! Thank you; it is a pleasure to see your hard-work coming forth. More “initial work” of 2019’s pieces. Spring rains — however: Progress reigns for us and May may bring Design Wall work!



    March 2019

    Continued-busy sessions with each of us working on different parts of our 2019’s first piece. Progress is apparent, now. A lot of interesting discussions, as well. Thank you for your work! — It is a pleasure to see.



    February 2019

    We had busy sessions with lots of project fabrics cut and neatly sorted into plastic bags! Of course (for the evening Gathering), the new Jason Yenter quilt (a contribution to the evening’s work efforts) on the design wall was a star of the evening. The Daytime’s session had a small-number of participants this month: Yet, getting started with the 2019 LC projects while also doing some extra-project-work: A full day!



    January 2019

    A busy opening session for both the Evening and the Daytime Gatherings. A fine start, with project/fabric selection dominating the work and discussions. It will be fun, interesting and a pleasure to see everyone’s efforts come forth as the year moves along. Thank you, in advance!



  3. Sonja says:

    Throughout the Year – 2019
    I am adding my BLOG-type comments, here — knowing, of course, discussions and opinions, etc. are more numerous at our Gathering sessions — however if this BLOG approach helps us in-between Gathering sessions: Great.
    See you at the Gatherings!


    February 1, 2019
    As I started this Gathering quilt I considered different options – simply putting chosen colors in different places. Interesting results, eh?

    April 21, 2019
    I finished my first 40 blocks (I do 20 at a time): Yeh! I decided to check them all and, if necessary trim to the 10 1/2″.

    January-Mid-April 2019
    I am starting to have fun…. However, I just HAVE to get back to cutting more strips!

    January 19, 2019
    20″+ x 20″+

    Moving Along….
    March 5, 2019

    Moving Along….
    March 8, 2019
    40″+ Wide so Far

    March 10, 2019
    40″+ Wide so far…

    Closer-Look, Trying to Show Fabric

    Blocks Are Taking Shape on the Design Wall

    May 17, 2019

    May 28, 2019

    June 10, 2019

    Closer Look at the Fabric

    June 24, 2019
    Still Considering Options…..

    Now, my next step…. is to:
    Find a fabric for the border and for the back…

    September 2019
    Back from the Quilter! Ready for delivery to Nicole.
    Quilt Finished Size: 80″ x 90″

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