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Pattern Choice and Log Cabin 2019 Gatherings

Pattern Choice and Log Cabin 2019 :

Daytime Gathering:
  • Quilt Patterns Selected from the book:
    "Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts" by Judy Martin
Evening Gathering:
  • Quilt Patterns Selected from the book:
    "modern neutrals, A fresh look at Neutral Quilt Patterns" By Amy Ellis

This Web page is aimed at being a central repository of information for our 2019 Daytime and Evening Gatherings. The  Daytime Gathering participant will select quilts from the book: “Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts” by Judy Martin (2013) Crosley-Griffith Publishing Company, Inc. and the Evening participant will choose quilt patterns selected from: "modern neutrals, A fresh look at Neutral Quilt Patterns" by Amy Ellis.

The 2019 Gatherings are taking place monthly, started in January 2019, and continuing:

  • Evening Gathering: The second Monday of each month, 5:00-9:00pm.
    The next Evening Gathering will be August 12, 2019

  • Daytime Gathering: The third Tuesday of each month, 10:00am-4:00pm.
    The next Daytime Gathering will be August 20, 2019

For participating in the Gathering, you are reminded that:

  • The Gathering participants purchased, from our store, books or non-Web Downloadable patterns chosen to be part of the Gatherings and the fabric needed for quilts created during the Gatherings..

  • For the 2019 Gatherings, a yearly fee of $50 is charged when the attendee commits to the first Gathering he/she attends.

  • Gathering participants should have experience in sewing and in making quilts.

  • Gathering participants, surely, interact. However, the Gathering is not a class . Each participant is expected to be able to manage his/her own project.

  • The store will not be able to arrange and set-up class machines for use during the Gatherings. Gathering participants should bring to the Gathering what they need for sewing/cutting during the Gathering.

  • Due to the numerous options / aims / of each Gathering participant, space at the Gathering is limited.
    Gathering Participants must be pre-signed up. "Drop in" participants, due to classroom class size and machine space limitations will not be accommodated. Sorry!

  • If a Gathering participant decides to "drop out" of the 2019 Gatherings, it would be appreciated if that were known by the store; there may a wait-list and, if a Gathering slot opens - Persons on the wait-list will be notified of such.

Further information will be available on this Webpage and via eMail sent to Gathering participants.

The 2019 Gatherings are expected to be over-subscribed. If you wish more information about participating in either the monthly Daytime (third Tuesday) or Evening (second Monday) 2019 Gatherings, stop by the store and ask for Sonja (she will know of the matter) or:
send mail to: 2019GatheringInfo at Bernina World of Sewing dot com

July, 2019

Thank you, Nancy for handling the July 2019 Evening Gathering -- and, to the participants! Nancy reports: We had a great time sewing.  Two beautiful pieces were brought/shown - A finished quilt top with orange and yellow mums and a finished quilt with the koy fish backing.


Evening Gathering
Daytime Gathering
Another fine work-day with all "attacking" the objectives of our projects. Well done.

Interaction/More-Sharing Regarding the Pattern Choice and Log Cabin Gatherings 2019

A BLOG has been set up, aimed to be used by those of you who are participating in the 2019 Gatherings at our store. To access the BLOG, just click on:

BWOS Pattern Choice and Log Cabin 2019 Gatherings BLOG
(The BLOG will, after a Gathering has been held, point to the Gathering images in larger-sized images).

June, 2019

Work is moving in a Design Wall direction - at home and during the Gatherings. It is terrific to see your progress.


Evening Gathering
Daytime Gathering

May, 2019

What busy / productive sessions. Work, Discussions-about, Some Extra Work! We are nearly ready for Summer! Everyone has had a busy Spring - quilting and otherwise. I wish you all a good Summer.


Evening Gathering Evening Gathering
Daytime Gathering

April, 2019

Some finished work and more in-progress successes, as well. Looking great! Thank you; it is a pleasure to see your hard-work coming forth. More "initial work" of 2019's pieces. Spring rains -- however: Progress reigns for us and May may bring Design Wall work!


Evening Gathering
Daytime Gathering

March, 2019

Continued-busy sessions with each of us working on different parts of our 2019's first piece. Progress is apparent, now. A lot of interesting discussions, as well. Thank you for your work! -- It is a pleasure to see.


Evening Gathering
Daytime Gathering

February, 2019

We had busy sessions with lots of project fabrics cut and neatly sorted into plastic bags! Of course (for the evening Gathering), the new Jason Yenter quilt (a contribution to the evening's work efforts) on the design wall was a star of the evening. The Daytime's session had a small-number of participants this month: Yet, getting started with the 2019 LC projects while also doing some extra-project-work: A full day!


Evening Gathering
Daytime Gathering

January, 2019

A busy opening session for both the Evening and the Daytime Gatherings. A fine start, with project/fabric selection dominating the work and discussions. It will be fun, interesting and a pleasure to see everyone's efforts come forth as the year moves along. Thank you, in advance!


Evening Gathering
Daytime Gathering

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