This project started in January 2018. The project involves two monthly Gatherings: A Daytime Gathering and an Evening Gathering.

The Daytime participant will choose, over the year, from two projects: “Antelope Canyon” from Laurie Shifrin Designs or a Web-downloaded-by-the-participant pattern: “Sea Swept by Laura Flynn“, and the Evening participant will choose quilt patterns selected from: “modern neutrals, A fresh look at Neutral Quilt Patterns” by Amy Ellis.

We will be updating this BLOG once in awhile – and, as our Gathering projects have a short-lives (for now: Through the calendar year 2018), perhaps this BLOG helps us all interact.

We look forward to hearing from you and to your joining us in the Gatherings once a month at Bernina World of Sewing in Raleigh.

To participate, it is intended that you have purchased at Bernina World of Sewing the book involved with this project and, as well, the majority of your fabric for the projects used during this Gathering was purchased at Bernina World of Sewing.

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  1. Webmaster says:

    January, 2018


    We have started this Weblog with the intent of providing the Gathering participants with a “sounding board” for their use.

    Please remember that all Weblog entries are audited by me – however, this Weblog is NOT monitored by the store’s staff. Any technical questions, etc. are not meant for store’s-staff members: The Gathering is not a class – and, this Weblog is not a place to ask store staff questions!

    Normally, you would start a “Reply” thread using the “Leave a Reply” box at the bottom of this Web page. Alternatively, you just click on the Reply button at the bottom of some existing entry.

    Some reminders:
    – To place a photo related to your efforts worked-on for the Gathering project, just send an eMail to me with the picture attached/included. I will figure out where you intend the photo for your particular Comment.
    – Contact me by eMail if you have any problems / concerns with ANYTHING related to the Weblog. Thank you.

    Good luck with your projects and
    David – Webmaster at Bernina World of Sewing

  2. Sonja says:

    January, 2018 and Throughout 2018

    Hi, everyone!

    I am glad that you found the BLOG. To make this work, it would be great if once in awhile you make a comment here or send in a photo for the BLOG. This way, we will all be “kept up” with each other’s progress – and problems/successes!

    Both the Daytime and the Evening Gatherings will last throughout the calendar year 2018.

    The Daytime Gatherers will choose, over the year, from two projects: “Antelope Canyon” from Laurie Shifrin Designs or a Web-downloaded-by-the-participant pattern: “Sea Swept by Laura Flynn”, and the Evening Gaherers will choose quilt patterns selected from: “modern neutrals, A fresh look at Neutral Quilt Patterns” by Amy Ellis. (Note: Evening Gatherers have decided that they may also choose from the Daytime projects).

    To participate in this Gathering, you must be signed up at the store (Bernina World of Sewing). Space is limited!

    We will have the Evening Gathering on the second Monday evening of each month Daytime Gathering on the third Tuesday morning of each month through the end of the Gathering.

    I wish you some exciting / enjoyable sewing time and projects during the year!


    (Click on a particular month’s event’s collage, below, to see some of the images in clickable, larger-sized images)

    December 2018

    Thank you for the entire-year of our working together. It has been a real pleasure. It was exciting to see all the finished quilts at our last meeting; I was proud of us!

    I hope that the “Friendly Competition” between the Evening and the Daytime groups will go on in the new year. I am looking forward to it!

    Have a good start to 2019!



    November 2018

    Very-practical-working sessions! Well done. We look forward to seeing all of our efforts come-together. It is very special to be able to see each other’s work-in-progress. Thank you.



    October 2018

    Full-session(s) of effort – and, it is GREAT to see all of your progress. Good luck as this year’s Gatherings wind-down. During the Daytime Gathering, especially, discussions have started about potential 2019 Gathering projects. Log Cabin theme seems to be leading the path! Comments are welcome – Time is flying. Interesting, eh?



    September 2018

    The hard-work is paying off! Everyone is currently at different levels of completion and it is fun to see how things are progressing. “The End” of 2018 will bring some terrific pieces. It will be a busy Fall and a fun December-ending to 2018’s projects.



    August 2018

    Another pair of good-working sessions. Even, some Hand-sewing Binding Time; wonderful to see. Fall-season is right around the corner: Time flies!



    July 2018

    What a nice month’s-sessions! It was great to see everyone working on their projects and seeing: Progress and having discussions while working towards a great set of Fall sessions coming soon. Congratulations, Once again!



    June 2018

    Small, busy groups this month. Progressing and Progress! Don’t forget… July’s Daytime meeting has been moved to the Fifth Tuesday (July 31). See you, then.



    May 2018

    Again, a very hard-working sessions — and: Pieces are coming together GREAT. Congratulations, to us!



    April 2018

    A lot of “deskwork”/practical work this month. Not a lot of “Design Wall” action – but, that is fine! Different levels of ready-to-see progress with a lot of design work and discuessions. Good!



    March 2018

    Moving forward – even with the weather challenges. See you soon!


    Sorry, to report: Weathered-Out in March 2018!


    February 2018

    Thank you for your work! It looked great – and, I loved how everyone is willing to work/discuss/demo with each other. It will be a fun year.



    January 2018

    We successfully completed our first Gathering! I was surprised how everyone had already gotten organized, got started while at home and were so generally prepared. Both the Evening Gatherers and the Daytime Gatherers were on the “field” running! We had a great start and it appears that 2018 will be a very productive year.



  3. Sonja says:

    Jan 1, 2018
    I am very happy that we will have five new members who patiently waited while on the Waiting List for an open spot in our 2018 Gatherings. We are looking forward to working together as we start new friendships.

    See you at the Gatherings!


    Jan 24, 2018
    I had some home-work time and I have a start! Fun.

    Feb 20, 2018
    (A Work-in-Progress update)

    April 10, 2018
    Completed Testing Border- (Before Framing)
    Size with Blue Border about 24″

    May 15, 2018
    Completed – (After Framing)


    Finished the first two blocks of Antelope Canyon piece. The blocks are 40″.

    April 14, 2018

    September 18, 2018

    January 15, 2019
    On my Design Wall – Ready for the Quilter
    I have an early-May date.

  4. Debi B says:

    I’m loving mine! Not not a lot of time wish I was further along. I’ll work this Monday night hard on it! See y’all then.

  5. Diane says:

    My first 2018 quilt is “out for quilting” and will be back sometime in mid-April. Inspired by Debbie’s “Daddy’s Garden” name for her quilt, we decided to do a floral quilting pattern and call it “Mama’s Garden.” Pinks and purples are her favorite flowers, and this quilt matches her taste.

    The photos below show the completed quilt top on a guest queen bed at my house (not it’s ultimate destination), and also a corner where I was trying to decide how to bind it. I’ve decided to go with the mauve/pink batik as seen in the vertical position on the right. I’ll cut and work on preparing the binding at home.

    May 15, 2018
    Back From Quilting!

    December 11, 2018
    Another Gathering 2018 Piece (I Named it: “Madeleine’s DNA”)

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