This project began in September 2017 and continued through November, 2018.  The Gathering was based upon Millefiori or La Passacaglia quilts involving hand-pieces with a running stitch as discussed in 2017 during a class taught at Bernina World of Sewing by Shirley Usry.

This Gathering took place monthly, continuing:

  • The last Monday of each month, 5:30-8:00pm.

We will be updating this BLOG once in awhile – and, as our Gathering projects have a short-lives (for now: Through November 2018), perhaps this BLOG helps us all interact.

We looked forward to hearing from you and appreciated your joining us in the Millefiori Gathering once a month at Bernina World of Sewing in Raleigh.

To participate, it was intended that you have registered for the project and if purchasing items used during this Gathering, the items were purchased at Bernina World of Sewing.  There was a small 12-month fee for participation in this Gathering.

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  1. Sonja says:

    Started in September, 2017. The project ended in November, 2018. Comments, below, are as-of the date that they were written and remain here simply for general information purposes.

    Hi, everyone!

    I am glad that you found the BLOG. To make this work, it would be great if once in awhile you make a comment here or send in a photo for the BLOG. This way, we will all be “kept up” with each other’s progress – and problems/successes!

    I enjoy hand-piecing and look forward to doing that, together, with you.

    To participate in this Gathering, you must be signed up at the store (Bernina World of Sewing). Space is limited!

    We will have the Millefiori Gathering the last Monday of each month (except December) and, at this time this Gathering is planned for twelve monthly Gatherings.

    I wish you some exciting / enjoyable sewing time and projects during the year!


    (From the Webmaster): The following will be expanded as the months go past. Stay tuned!).

    (Click on a particular month’s collage, below, to see the images in large-size images)

    November, 2018

    We had a lot of “quiet time” hand-sewing – and: Interesting discussions! Enjoyable. Thank you.


    October, 2018

    The year is “winding down” and it is wonderful to see – each other – and, one’s work! The discussions are, also, special. Thank you.


    September, 2018

    Another interesting-discussions and hand-sewing evening. Thank you, for both of!


    August, 2018

    “Back to Normal”. It was great to see some of the Summer-Vacation people back in action and to see everyone’s beautiful work. Thank you.


    July, 2018

    Summer Doldrums! Soon: “Back to Normal”. An enjoyable July evening while looking forward to the end-of-Summer, soon.


    May, 2018

    An “early end” to the evening, due to the VERY heavy rain! Ok — We all made it home safely. It was still a “productive” evening and a pleasure to share the time/discussions. Thank you. Have a good Summer!


    April, 2018
    Handwork: Terrific. Everyone is working at their own speed; the monthly get-togethers inspire / “push” me to keep going!


    March, 2018
    More beautiful work. The March weather has been defeated! Spring has arrived. Good.


    February, 2018
    Some beautiful work. Congratulations – to us!


    January, 2018
    It has been fun to meet new members of our group – and, to see the group “growing”! It is a positive sign and it is clear that building this Millefiori group was a good decision — and the monthly get-togethers are inspiring to us all.


    November, 2017
    See you in January, 2018. Time flies! We are taking a break end-December. Have a perfect start to 2018.


    October, 2017
    Another fun / relaxing evening. And: Productive, even!
    Have a good month.


    September, 2017
    I am happy that I “re-discovered” hand-piecing. I enjoy hand-piecing and it will be a pleasure to be doing that together – with you. I look forward to the next 12 months of “Millefiori” as a complement to all of our other projects.


  2. Webmaster says:

    November, 2018


    This project has ended. The final Gathering was November, 2018.

    We started this Weblog with the intent of providing the Gathering participants with a “sounding board” for their use.

    Please remember that all Weblog entries are audited by me – however, this Weblog is NOT monitored by the store’s staff. Any technical questions, etc. are not meant for store’s-staff members: The Gathering is not a class – and, this Weblog is not a place to ask store staff questions!

    Normally, you would start a “Reply” thread using the “Leave a Reply” box at the bottom of this Web page. Alternatively, you just click on the Reply button at the bottom of some existing entry.

    Some reminders:
    – To place a photo related to your efforts worked-on for the Gathering project, just send an eMail to me with the picture attached/included. I will figure out where you intend the photo for your particular Comment.
    – Contact me by eMail if you have any problems / concerns with ANYTHING related to the Weblog. Thank you.

    Good luck with your projects and
    David – Webmaster at Bernina World of Sewing

  3. Sonja says:

    I will definitely be working on my boxes for a LONG time!
    (Click, below, to see the images in large-size images)

  4. Nancy G says:

    November 7, 2017

    We had a most enjoyable, relaxing time hand sewing in the first session, sharing what we all are learning about this technique. I am definitely committed to making stars, but there are other beautiful designs without them.
    (Click, below, to see the images in large-size images)

    February 12, 2018
    (Updated photos from Nancy)
    (Click, below, to see the images in large-size images)

    September 4, 2018
    (An Updated photo from Nancy)
    (Click, below, to see the image in a large-size image)

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