August 9th, 2020

Throughout 2020 and Beyond –

Welcome to our Wilmington store’s BLOG.

I am starting this BLOG knowing that you are active on the Social Networks’ side of things and there may be no reason for us to have this BLOG. I also know that we (as a new store) do not always know what the future – “interaction”-wise – will bring forward. We see what comes about.

This BLOG is intended for Comments related to your in-progress, completed or in-plan projects that you may wish to have others interact with you about – or, simply to let those of us see your work/success! I love seeing such. Thank you, in advance.

I will be updating this BLOG once in awhile – although this BLOG is NOT generally monitored by the store staff. If something is posted here that I see needs to be addressed by the store staff I will take care of getting that done.

Thank you for your interest in our Wilmington store and its projects. We look forward to working with you

Webmaster, Bernina World of Sewing