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BWOS Carolina Hurricanes Celebration 2019

This Web page is intended to be a place for us to Celebrate along with the Carolina Hurricanes' fans who may have similar interests as indicated by the topic mentioned below.

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Congratulations to the Carolina Hurricanes - Fans, Players, Management!

Well done.

The Stanley Cup hockey playoffs are very special to everyone involved - and: Success in 2019 is a welcome treat.

If I was a quilter, I would grab some of our Carolina Hurricane's theme fabric, some Black, Red and White fabric - and make a "Rally Towel" for use either at an upcoming game or offsite as I watched/enjoyed an upcoming game. Perhaps the rally towel would become a treasured momento and, if one got very lucky - perhaps, catch an autograph or two to be placed on the towel! Who knows...

The team is "set" for at least four more games - perhaps even three more guaranteed Home Games -- so: I wish everyone a thrilling end to this successful season.

As I am not a quilter -- if you design/make a Rally Towel or a Wall Hanging over the upcoming days and are willing to share such: I look forward to seeing a photo of your piece and perhaps share your photo with other Website visitors. Thank you in advance -- just comment/email/send-photo to:

HappyCarolinaHurricanesFan at Bernina World of Sewing dot com

Enjoy the rest of the hockey season! It is gift. Enjoy it.
Regards, Webmaster at Bernina World of Sewing

Possible Back/Binding Fabric for your Rally Towel?

The above fabric's Web Shopping
Supply is limited! One bolt-of. Perhaps limit your purchase to share with others?

Price at start of the Stanley Cup Series: $12.75, now it is $13.75 per yard, with the fourth-game win over the Islanders. I have decided to RAISE the price for each WIN as the Series goes along (starting with game-4 of the Islander's series) until the fabric is no longer available! Let's see how HIGH the price can get: How competitive, eh?

A Possible Red Fabric?

Lava Solids Fabric Web Shopping

Possible White and Black Fabrics?

Pearlescent Wave Fabric Web Shopping

Two of the Happy Carolina Hurricane's fans:

Of course... The challenge is:
To make a "Rally Towel" or a Wall-Hanging design... That is not easy...
and - it is not easy to win a Stanley Cup series!

A Possible Rally Towel:

My attempt at describing how I would put together a Rally Towel for this year's remaining playoff games -- and, for later hanging-off the Rally Towel on the garage/workarea wall....

  • Overall Size: 15" wide x 25" Long

  • Back: Purchase 1/2-yd of 760214894375 020HURNHL From Sykel Enterprises

    Cut a rectangle 16" x and 26" for the Back.

    From the remaining 020HURNHL fabric sew together the binding 85" long and 2" wide.

  • Front: Purchase 1/2-yd each of a Red, a Black and a White fabric: (My choices:)
    Well.... It turned out, after I worked on the Front as shown below - I did not use the above Red and Black fabrics. I only used the "White" - that is actually a nice Grey. I can use the Grey for any potential hand-written autographs or personal writing.
The Front Design Area
16" x 26"
The Back
16" x 26"
  • Come up with some information to be embroidered on the Rally Towel.

    What I Decided To Use. Note: I used the BERNINA Toolbox software for creating the following. Contact me if you want the embroidery files in EXP format.

  • Layout the areas of the Front that will have the Embroidered Words --- and leave space on the piece for later-on Score Summaries and any autographs or whatever personal writing I might place on the towel.

    Towel: 15" x 25" Completed
    My Rally Towel Front
    My Rally Towel Back

    The quilter will "make a sandwich" (place batting between the towel's Top and Bottom layers and a "binding" around the entire piece to keep things together as we root the Canes on!:

  • OK! Now, the challenge is to find a quilter to build the above! I have no idea how long it would take, including the time for the embroidery, hopefully less than a day's work....

    This (making a design of Rally Towel / "Celebratory" Towel was a fun exercise; I could see the approach being used for a lot of "exciting" family projects. Certainly , a way to save memories other than photographs, etc.

    Comments or Questions?
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